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You are the blessing

You are the blessing

Hello Church for the Nations – Flagstaff,

You are the DNA and culture of God, you are the blessing in people’s lives.

These are words that I truly try to live by, and if I am being honest they are really hard sometimes.

Elijah was a man with a nature like ours according to James 5:17, yet he was mightily used by God.

In 1 Kings 19:4 Elijah was so afraid that he asked God to kill him, yet God had other plans.

Look at what Elijah accomplished once he realized he was the blessing in people lives;

  • He called fire down from heaven three times
  • He was the first person in the word to raise someone from the dead
  • He caused one of theĀ greatest revival in history
  • His word started and ended a three-year drought
  • He multiplied food miraculously
  • He is one of only two men who never died – he was caught up alive into heaven

If we could simply realize that we are the blessing that others might need, you may accomplish more that you think with God.

My question today is who do you trust more God or yourself?

You are the Blessing,

Pastor Shaun

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