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The Five Fold Outcome Part 1

The Five Fold Outcome Part 1

five foldWhen Jesus left the earth and gave us the Holy Spirit he gave us an assignment, a command, which in it we find the purpose to our own lives; to spread the gospel to the whole world. The vehicle he wants us to use to get this job done is the church, and for the church to be able to fulfill its purpose Jesus gives the church the gifts of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist – the fivefold ministry and leaders. Please see and read Ephesians 4:11-16

The early church as we see from reading the book of Acts chapter 2:42-47 was vibrant and full of joy, they met in peoples homes daily, shared their possessions, ate together and made sure no-one in their church family went without. They were generous to outsiders and many gave their lives for the sake of others knowing the truth of who Jesus Christ is. Prayer was a given whenever they met and miracles, signs and wonders were normal!! Every believer did something, they all worked together, they all encouraged the other and recognized peoples God given gifts and abilities were there so the body of Christ, the church could be build up and made beautiful to the world.These believers were under constant persecution, they risked their lives daily, so powerful prayer was necessary to survival and your church friends played a major part in your life.  Jump in with both feet for this series and even more so into the vibrant life of our church!!

Allison and I believe in you and deeply love you!


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