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The Blood Moon and My Life

The Blood Moon and My Life

What a beautiful lunar eclipse / Blood Moon with the incredible super-moon tonight, 9/27/2015.  I thought about this in the light of my and maybe your life… Stay with me for a second…  The moon rose up in the Eastern Sky ready to take on the night!  A powerful shadow, a darkness began to invade the light of the moon and before we knew it, it was almost invisible, only a slight red dot could be seen.  During that time, it was quite silent, as the world watched in awe, it was dark and I am sure some felt alone…  At times however, this beautiful moon did take on the color scarlet which made it a breathtaking sight!

Shifting Gears – I literally, right now, at 9:53 pm on this very same September night, just walked outside ~ I tell you, if I didn’t know any better I never would have known this beautiful process just took place as the moon is once again completely white, glowing, it’s – SUPER!!!  Now in the context of my life, your life, just life… There are season that I rise up ready to take on the demands of life, the demands of ministry, ready to take on and defeat the darkness of night!  Then without warning, things, heartaches, disappointments, set-backs etc. begin to cast a shadow on my light and life, before I know it, it’s really, really dark, lonely, silent…. I am very thankful for the Blood of the Lamb, that those in dark times, and when sin, either mine or the sin of the lost, that though it be as scarlet, soon, very soon, I or it or they will be white as snow and once again – SUPER!!  Many people are unaware of the process you or I have just been through because they simply just see the outcome of the dark time, the blood and the re-appearing of your life, white once again, full of light, full of life!!  So, beloved, rest assured that if you are in a personal lunar eclipse, where it seems dark, have no fear, the Precious and Mighty Blood of the Lamb is busy washing you White as Snow so that you will  shine brighter than ever before, providing once again Light, Hope, Re-Assurance for Others!

Allison and I are incredibly humbled to Pastor a Life and Light Giving Church and deeply love you, always remember ~ You Shine Bright!!!

Lots and Lots of Love –

pd and pa (pastor daniel & pastor allison)

photo credit to Priscilla Minjarez and a pretty cool neighbor…blood moon

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