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Show me Your ways

Show me Your ways

Psalms 103:7 “He made known His ways to Moses, His works to the people of Israel…”

It’s wonderful to know the works of the Lord, however the risk that we run as a result of knowing His works is that we neglect our responsibility of partnership.

Jesus tells us in John 5 that “…He only does the things He see’s the Father doing…”  With that thought, I am incredibly humbled to know and experience that the Lord is more interested in showing us His ways resulting in us simultaneously receiving an invitation to partner and literally re-produce His ways in the earth.  It is in that, that we as His body can do “greater works” than Jesus (John 14:12)!

So Church for the Nations ~ Flagstaff, together let’s commit to continuously understanding the ways of the Lord in order to reproduce and re-present the wonderful things of the Lord in our city!!!

I love being your pastor!


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