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Rest Area’s and Pit Stops

Rest Area’s and Pit Stops

Romans 8:31 – “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?”

On our journey through life we all face “these things…” My “things” might be different from your “things” but none the less, “things” are bound to come our way! When “things” come, I believe they come with an agenda to sideline your faith, to get you to pull over into a rest area and get comfortable in a place you aren’t meant to stay, to get you to take a pit stop and turn it into a permanent stop.  Maybe an injustice was handed to you, maybe a financial set back, maybe significant loss.  Whatever shape or form your “thing” came to you in please remember that your Loving and All Powerful God is indeed for you and will not let you down, so please don’t quit, jump back on the freeway of life, re-engage into the life of your church, re-enlist to the unfailing army of God’s people!

If you find yourself tempted to turn a rest area into your final destination or your pit stop into a permanent stop, let me encourage you to “raise your voice!”  That’s right, begin speaking to your “thing” about the Greatness of Your God!  Your “thing” may be big, but your God is bigger!  Today stop talking about how big your “thing” – your “issue” is, and start talking about how big your God is!  The question is this – “what then shall we say TO (not about) these things? ‘God is for us – who then has a chance against us…'”

Allison and I love being your pastors – have a blessed day and we look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!!

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