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It’s a New Season – The Power of Hope

It’s a New Season – The Power of Hope

I received permission to tell this story – please join us Sunday at 10 am for our celebration service as this family will testify in person about this day!!

One year ago today, August 7th, 2014, I had the very unfortunate privilege of sitting with a family while they navigated their way through the tragic loss of their 3 year old son, brother, nephew and friend in a two car accident that ended up claiming the life of four people, and two others critically injured.  I can say it was at a minimum, tragic!

Orlinda Kinlecheeni and her daughter, Kelafer Kinlecheeni, Kelafer’s son Kayson and Orlinda’s three year old son, Kyler, were traveling west on Interstate 40 when a driver apparently went to sleep and crossed through the median  into on coming traffic.  Imagine the impact, the sounds, the chaos of two cars colliding at 75 miles per hour…

Now one year later as we are preparing to to the site of the accident, with the three survivors and their family, I can humbly proclaim that I have watched an extremely successful navigation through what I would call the most turbulent waters a mother and family can go through!  I have watched them lift up their hands in worship to God while confined to a wheelchair as a result of their injuries.  I have watched them move past a wheel chair and kneel down in the Mighty and Healing Presence of the Lord in honor of the Wonderful Cross!  I have had the incredible privilege of laying hands on them and seeing them receive the Joy of the Lord that has given them supernatural strength!  I have watched them be filled with Hope, and the undeniable impact Hope has anchored them with!

I have absolutely been humbled and amazed to be this families pastor!

Pray for us as today we will be visiting the crash site and erecting a beautiful baseball bat cross in honor of Kyler!

A grateful pastor –


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