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Pastor Daniel Williamson

For Men

~ Calling All Men ~ Did you know that each Saturday at 8:00 am we gather together at the Flagstaff House of Worship, interceding for the unique challenges that we as men face on a daily basis!  Also, once a month, beginning on September 12th, we will be having a monthly men's prayer breakfast.  You can expect a grea Read more »

Make it Personal

One of the very first bible verses I was taught as a kid was Philippians 4:13!  I can tell you where I learned it and who taught it to me; I was in AWANA's and my bible teacher was a gentle giant by the name of Bob Love!  What a great name for such a great guy.  Anyways, he taught me this verse while down at the old Read more »

Wisdom – The Key to Successfully Navigating Through Uncertain Times

I've learned that it is ok to be uncertain, but never to be unclear.  What I am saying is if I don't have a clear picture of what I want, what I am striving towards then  when tough times come I will be unsure of what to do simply because I haven't employed wisdom to paint a picture of what the Lord's assignment is f Read more »