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A Day in the Life of Jesus

A Day in the Life of Jesus

The Gospel of Mark, Chapters 4 and 5 are exhausting!  Mark 4 begins with Jesus masterfully teaching through parables, as a master teacher Jesus was always more interested in impartation much more than sharing information.  So you to, believer, can expect any time Jesus through the teaching ministry of the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) you can also look for the opportunity to employ what you’ve been taught.  In other words, the Lord will place right in the middle of a situation that requires action according to the lesson you were taught!  Mark 4:35 – “…on that same day…” Jesus launches out on to the lake where His disciples are challenged by the famous storm!  Mark 5 opens up with this statement – “Upon arrival on the other side…immediately…” so after an incredibly long day teaching, a long night calming storm, He arrives to be met by a demon possessed man who He Gloriously sets free and sets the once deranged and ostracized man totally free, Jesus gets back into the boat and crosses back over to where He was teaching in the previous chapter, only to be met by a large crowd!  A prominent man approaches Him and asks Jesus to heal his daughter.  Jesus loving to defy the impossible accepts the invitation to go.  While on His way, His journey is interrupted by a woman with an “issue of blood” to which Jesus takes the time to radically change this woman’s identity.  You see she was an outcast, an overlooked “nobody” if you will that the religious system had completely turned away.  In a moment, Jesus took this “nobody” and restored her to a wonderful and beautiful daughter (read Mark 5: 21-34)!  Immediately after this amazing miracle, someone from the home of the little girl He was originally going to minister to informs Jesus that the girl had died!  He begins to separate Himself from the crowd taking only a couple people with Him, He makes His way to the girls home.  Maybe He was starting to feel the demand of the past 36 hours, simply because as He approaches the house, He says to this gathered, “Why are you making a commotion and weeping?”  Again, I am exhausted just reading and re-reading this incredible testimony from the Gospel of Mark regarding the Ministry of Jesus!!!  Let’s pick up the story – Jesus raises the little girl from the dead and instructs the family on how to care for her and how to protect her from the religious onslaught that would inevitably come to her should this miracle be made known!  This concludes a non-stop missions and ministry trip that gives us an in-depth look at the incredible perseverance and determination of Christ.

Friends, this 48 – 54 hour time frame shows us that the more tiring things appeared the more powerful the ministry was.  I am reminded of this beautiful promise from God’s Word – “His strength is made perfect in my weakness…”  Here’s my point, sort of, during this time of hustle and bustle preparing for the Holidays, when exhaustion wants to set in, lean into Jesus and receive His strength.  He loves to increase as wea day in the life tend to decrease!

Allison and I love you deeply and pray you have a great Thanksgiving week!

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