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2016 – It’s Harvest Time

2016 – It’s Harvest Time

Revelation 14:15 The Message Translation

“Another Angel came out of the Temple, shouting to the Cloud-Enthroned, ‘Swing your sickle and reap. ITS HARVEST TIME.  Earth’s harvest is ripe for reaping.'”

The whole key to successful harvesting is found in five key principles that I want to share with you today!  Those five keys are this:

  1. You first have toplant a seed” – if you put no seed in the ground, it makes no difference how much you prophecy to the ground to produce something it is simply incapable of doing without a seed!  When God created the earth and commanded the earth to RE-produce, He first very strategically put SEED in the earth.  Friends you are not “SEEDLESS” God promises to provide seed to the sower for the purpose and process of planting, tending, harvesting – repeat!  Take what you’ve got in the form of time, finances, gifts and callings and get in the ground of the Kingdom!  IT’S HARVEST TIME!
  2. There has to be soil compatible with the seed” – recall with me the parable of the sower in Mark chapter 4.  There were certain types of soil that were not fit for the seed.  However, the “good soil” produced a great harvest for the sower.  I want to encourage you to look intently into our Missions Catalog (if you do not have one, please call the office and request one today) and discover the wonderful Kingdom Soil that is producing a Kingdom Harvest.  I would be doing you a great dis-service if I didn’t remind you that the easiest way to plant a seed into good soil is to simply tithe!  The bible is chalked full of promises that are linked to obedience and gender~AWE~city.  IT’S HARVEST TIME!
  3. It’s necessary to tend to your seed” – this is simply making a commitment to do your part when it comes to seeing the process through unto harvest.  Once a seed begins to be seen above ground in the form of a plant, it is necessary to ensure that the sapling is protected from a variety of destructive things that intend to “…steal, kill and destroy…” (John 10:10a)  This is where your daily devotion to the Kingdom and growth comes into play.  No one plants a seed and walks into a harvest; no one plants a seed and “checks in” weekly; Jesus said for us to pray “…give us this day our daily bread…”  which translates easily to our daily need to tend our seed!  On a very cool side note – to produce daily bread means by principle there is a perpetual harvest!! IT’S HARVEST TIME!
  4. It wise to “prepare your tools and / or expand your tools” – the Scripture the Lord has given us for 2016, highlights the requirements for our participation, specifically “…take your sickle…!”  Friends this is the PRIMARY KEY TO YOUR HARVEST!! If you have no tools you will eventually have a spoiled harvest!  If you were at service yesterday, you recall me teaching about how the enemy desires to “disarm” us by capturing and holding hostage our “blacksmith ministry” which equates to the disciplines that forge and sharpen our “weapons of warfare!”  I want to encourage you to listen and listen again to the coming sermon from yesterday titled – “2016 – the year of the harvest.”
  5. You have to now “…reap what you have sown…” – The wonderful gospel of John chapter 4 exhorts us to “lift our eyes up – for the fields are white for the harvest.”  To harvest requires us to take the tools (our gifts, callings and our investments) and to “employ your gifts for the service of others…”                 1st Peter 4:10 Amplified. Friends this is your year to offer yourselves to the Kingdom for the purpose of “…harvesting the earth…” this is your time!

Friends following these five biblical principles concerning the Harvest will position you to realize your dreams as together we see “HIS KINGDOM COME AND HIS WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!”

Allison and I are believing God with you and we love you deeply!


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